Facebook’s New Feature: Provides Complete Control Over Your News Feeds

Today, Facebook has officially announced that it provides complete control for you over what should be displayed on your News Feed and ability to prioritize the posts on a daily or hourly basis. The giant social network is tweaking its News Feed by launching this new update for all its users. Facebook has aimed at giving more control for all its users to filer posts and view the information that they really wish to see. The users can now fine-tune posts on their News Feed through by choosing the updates of preferred brands and friends.

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Facebook's New Tool - Customize your News Feed

Facebook’s New Tool – Control & Customize Your News Feed

Facebook has introduced new tools in the News Feed Preferences that allows you to drive hands-on with your selected preferences. This new application has been rolled out on iOS initially and seems to provide for Android and desktop in future. The new tools present on your Time line preferences let you do following things:

  • You can Select Specific friends and pages so that your News Feed displays only the posts that you have selected.
  • You can set your preferences in such a way that, you’ll never miss any news that you wish to see.
  • New Application allows you see your favorites always at the top of your News Feed whenever a new update is shared on the Time line.

Facebook Revamps News Feed Tools

  • Just by tapping on a particular person with News Feed preferences, you can view the posts they’vw posted.
  • The new update allows you to hide posts from people whom you treat as non-sense on Facebook.
  • You will be able to prioritize people and pages that you wish to see first on your News Feed.

Facebook Tweaks News Feed Preferences

  • The name of preferred person will be appeared in your News Feed so that you can easily recognise the post has been shared by one of your favorites.
  • Facebook’s new tools have been tweaked so that it provides an option to link up with friends and pages that you’ve “Unfriend” or “Liked” in the past.

Greg Marra, the Product Manager at Facebook said that, “We rank [items in] your News Feed with the goal that whether you have five seconds or five minutes, you’re seeing the best of what’s in your feed.” She also added, “We know we don’t always get that perfect right now.”

Earlier, Facebook rolled with a news that it is testing “See First” that allows you to view selected posts on the top of the News Feed. Now, it has officially announced that users can have control in order to customize their News Feed.

Here  is the video of simple interface with new customizable options that are available on iOS:

Facebook is endeavouring to add new features so as to help people discover new brand pages and let them experience with simple interface with more customizable options. However, this new tweak seems interesting for us as well as the company that has totally relied on its own algorithm to direct the flow of your News Feed.

Everything That’s New In The Android ‘M’ Developer Preview 2 [Gallery]

On May 28th at the annual Google I/O developer event Google revealed the next version of Android, dubbed Android M for now. It’s filled with tons of new features, security enhancements, tweaks to the look and feel of Android 5.1 Lollipop, a new “Doze” battery saving feature, USB Type-C support, dark theme for settings, automatic app backups, and even multi-window mode.

The Android L developer preview remained largely static in the time between its launch and Lollipop’s official release. That isn’t the case with Android M, which Google says will receive monthly Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. Last week Android M Developer Preview 2 arrived on scene.

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If you’re like me and absolutely want and need the latest updates, you might have already flashed Android M Developer Preview 2 onto your Nexus when it arrived last week. The first of them is now available for the Nexus 5 and 6.

Diving into Android M: What’s New With Developer Preview 2?

The Android M Developer Preview 2 is less about showing off new changes and more about (near) finalizing the many new APIs coming with Android M so developers can test them out prior to the final release. After all, this is a developer preview. Ars Technica tested Android M Preview 2 on the Nexus 5 and 6 and shared a few of its observations:

Rotating Home Screen:

Preview 2 of the next Android now supports auto rotate that also allows landscape orientation for devices, which normally is optimized for large screen devices or specifically tablet computers.

Rotating Home Screen in Android M Developer Preview 2

System UI tuner:

The other big additions are the new System UI Tuner options. The UI tuner was introduced in the first version of Android M and only let you rearrange the power control pulldown, but now it has been expanded with status bar options.


There’s an option to show a percentage readout in the battery status bar icon, which has been a favorite feature of modders. This has been built into AOSP forever but turning it on before required a rooted phone—now it’s very easy.

Redesigned App Drawer:

The most prominent change is the fixed app drawer, which looks much better than the Preview 1 version. The original implementation removed an entire column of icons to make room for huge index letters. It looked ugly and was a waste of space, so we’re glad to see them gone. There’s still the nice-to-have search bar at the top of the screen, and it actually looks like a search bar now.

Redesigned App Drawer in android M dev preview 2

The top row of apps in the app drawer, which isn’t alphabetical and changes all the time, is apparently the “predictive apps” bar. We’ll have to see how well it actually predicts what we want to use.

No more Dark Theme:

The one feature that seems removed (or at least hidden) is the “Theme” options that were in the developer settings. They’re just gone now. The removal of the feature just goes to show you that test builds don’t always give an accurate picture of what to expect from final software.

No more Dark Theme in Android M Developer Preview 2

Is the dark theme gone forever? Hard to say. It’s possible that they were merely testing it and decided it wasn’t worth keeping. Or dark theme might not be fully ready for prime time and was removed in preview 2 to further fix it up for a final release. Only time will tell for sure.

Storage gets a makeover:

Internal storage is always a hassle for smartphone users. Even with microSD expansion and USB On The Go (OTG) you always seem to need to keep an eye on available storage space. The new version of Android M introduces a simple line bar that shows how much space you have on your device with a breakdown of what is using up your internal storage.


RAM Manager:

One of the changes found in the original M Preview was an improved memory manager that added several new features including a way to better see how much RAM each of your apps was using.

RAM Manager in Android M Developer Preview 2

Finding the setting in M originally required you to take several steps, but in Preview 2 it is more prominently found in its own “Memory” tab right in the Settings screen.

Delete Screenshots:

Each time you take a screenshot in Android (4.0 and higher), you’ll get a notification in your tray letting you know it has been saved. The second version of the Android m developer preview has added a new delete option to the screenshot preview in the notifications shade. Now you can delete it as well.

Option to Delete Screenshots in Android M Developer Preview 2

This is still just a developer preview, so it’s still missing all of the consumer facing Google apps that will debut with the OS. There’s more Android M versions to come. The next one is scheduled for “late July.”

Facebook is Testing New Snapchat-like Photo Uploader For iOS: Lets you Add Text Overlays

Facebook has announced a latest news that it is currently testing a a new photo uploader for iOS that lets users to add overlaid text on the images in any color, place stickers and just  swipe across the photo so as to instantly preview the available filters. Facebook has initiated this new feature similar to that of Snapchat which have the ability to overlay photos with special graphics and text. Facebook is testing this new feature in order to provide more and more interesting features that help users to edit their photos in an elegant way. All the photos that are edited using this new feature can be uploaded and shared among your friends on the giant social website.

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Facebook tests New Snapchat-like Photo Uploader

Features of Facebook’s New Photo Uploader

Facebook has begun testing a new photo uploader feature for iOS that provides users to upload a photo by adding filters, overlaid text so as to edit your photo with a most adorable look. Here are some of the features of the new photo uploader app for iOS.

  • New Photo Uploader lets you to type text over the image that you wish to upload on Facebook.
  • Added text can be re-sized by pinching over it and also place the text in the right position just by dragging the text wherever you wish to display it over the photo.
  • You can also add desired color to the text with the help of a ‘Slider’.

Facebook's new photo uploader - Add Overlaid Text

  • Auto color correction can be applied just by swiping over the photo.
  • Add stickers to your photos that you want to upload on Facebook.
  • Some of the additional functionalities of the new photo uploader include cropping photos, tagging friends to the uploaded photo and photo enhancements.

According to a Report form TechCrunch, “Since Facebook’s failed acquisition bid, it’s watched Snapchat grow and grow. Its attempts to clone Snapchat as a whole, Poke and Slingshot, have failed. Meanwhile, Japanese messaging app Line has gotten big on the back of stickers. So Facebook’s simply trying to bake the best of everything else into its own.”

Facebook is trying to follow Snapchat that has initially popularised this feature of adding texts to the photos. Earlier, Facebook has failed to acquire Snapchat in a bid and has observed that Snapchat become very popular because of its appealing features. Facebook tried to bid Snapchat before two years i.e., by the end of 2013 for $3 billion, but Snapchat declined the offer. Snapchat is now valued 5 times more than the bid value of Facebook i.e., $15 billion.

For this reason, Facebook is testing a new photo uploader for iOS that has similar features of Snapchat. The latest rollout of Facebook is still under experimental stage, but not yet revealed officially. It is anticipated to be unveiled by the end of the year for all its users. Facebook is planning to integrate this new photo uploader feature as an app on its social network but not as a separate app. These days, Facebook is vigorously working on many apps and planning to implement New Algorithm in order to improve its News Feed.

Facebook has not yet confirmed its integration on its social network app. Let us wait for this new feature to be rolled out as a beneficial app for all the users of popular Social media.

– See more at: http://tech2.alltechbuzz.net/news/facebook-testing-new-snapchat-like-photo-uploader/#sthash.OADtENVH.dpuf

Motorola To Unveil Moto G (Gen 3), Moto X (Gen 3) On July 28 Event

Motorola has sent out invites for its event slated for July 28. The company is expected to launch the rumored third Gen of Moto G and Moto X. The event will be held in New Delhi, alongside events in London, New York and San Francisco. The event will be first held in India at 3:30PM, followed by San Paulo, New York and London. According to reports, the smartphone will be available at Rs 13,000. However, the invitations actually revealed nothing related to the smartphone or any product perfectly.

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The Indian invitation says: “A good friend will offer you their umbrella when it rains” and “A best friend will forever be ready to dance in the rain with you.’ Meanwhile, the global invite comes with another message: “Your relationship status is about to change.”


Moto G (Gen 3) Specifications:

Leaks have suggested that the next generation of the Moto G will be a major upgrade over the second-gen Moto G. It is expected to come with a 5-inch or a 5.2-inch full HD display and it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 610 SoC with 1.7GHz quad-core processor paired with 2GB of RAM.

Motorola next-gen Moto G, Moto X coming on July 28

It was just recently that Moto G third gen was accidentally listed on Flipkart. Apart from the fact that the 3rd Gen Moto G will come in the white colour with 8GB storage, there wasn’t much listed on the site. The model number of the listed Moto phone was AP3560AD1K8.

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Moto X (Gen 3) Specifications:

Considering the Moto X 2014 was launched alongside the second gen Moto G, there is also the possibility that Motorola is working on its successor that was previously rumoured to be launched in September.

motorola-confirms-launch-event-for-july-28-next-gen-moto-g-and-moto x

The new Moto X seems to be called the Moto X Sport, which suggests it might be a ruggedised version of the current 2nd Gen Moto X. It shares the same 5.2 inch screen after all, but will increase the rear camera to 16-megapixels from its current size of 13-megapixels. The front camera will have a 5-megapixel sensor.

According to the images, the Moto X Sport will have a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, but this seems unlikely if Motorola want to keep it as its leading flagship handset.

How To Add 3D Touch To Your Older iPhone

The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have a very cool feature known as 3D touch. 3Dtouch allows you to do some quick actions right from the home screen. 3D touch is one of the most praised feature of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

3d touch, iPhone,

If you don’t have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and you are looking for a way to add this amazing 3D touch feature on your older iPhone then you are in the right place. Today I am gonna show you guys that how you can add 3D touch feature on your older devices. In order to get 3D touch, your device should be jailbroken and it must be running the latest iOS 9. There is an app on Cydia known as Force Touch Activator which allows you to enable 3D touch on your older devices. The 3D touch might not work perfectly as you have seen on the 6s and 6s Plus because the app requires pressure sensitive screen and which is unfortunately not available on older iPhones. This Cydia app uses your finger’s radius to calculate the pressure of your touch.

So, without wasting a lot of your time let’s get started with our tutorial. Bellow are the given steps to enable 3D touch on your older devices.

  • First of all you will need to jailbreak your iOS 9 device. Don’t worry it is a very easy and simple process. If your device is already jailbroken then proceed to the next steps.

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  • Then go to Cydia and install Force Touch Activator app.
  • After that you will have to go to Settings and then head over to the Activator menu.
  • Now, tap on the Force Touch Activator option.
  • Then select any actions you like for 3D touch.
  • That’s all! You are done! Now, if you press the iPhone home screen then you will see the 3D touch box pops up.


So this was our guide on how to add 3D touch to your older iPhones. If you have any queries related to this article then do lend your queries in the comment section. I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.

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How to Launch Android Apps from Sidebar

There are many ways which can be used to launch Android apps on your smartphone. This may seems little weird to you guys that why I am writing this trick. But let me know you that we are here to share all the convenient way of performing your tech tasks.

Android Apps, Android,

Hence, this tutorial also let you to launch Android apps with complete ease. I am going to share the complete guide with you which will help you to launch Android apps from Sidebar. So follow this guide to launch Android apps from sidebar.

How to Launch Android Apps From Sidebar

Here are the steps which you need to follow in order to launch Android apps from sidebar. Now without taking your time more let me take you to the steps;

First of all, Download and Install Glovebox on your Android smartphone from Google Playstore.

Ones it is installed, then Launch the app. Then keep on sliding until apps welcome screens get over. After reaching the main screen click on + button from top right corner.

Now you will see all apps which are installed on your phone.

Then add all the apps that you want to add to sidebar and make them easily approachable for you.

Now you will see all your selected apps on Glovebox homescreen. Now pull the slider from left and you will see your sidebar will containing all the apps that you have added.

This was it!

This was our simple tutorial. I am sure it would have been proven helpful for you guys. If you have any queries or confusion left related to this article then lend your queries in comment box. I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.

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How to verify your Facebook Page for Grey Tick

Facebook is improving its features day by day for all kind of entrepreneurs. Some days, they introduced Blue tick for big businesses so that they can own their official page. Now they have launched grey tick for small business.

Facebook verification Since it is a new feature so many of you might not be aware with the process of establishing it for your page. Therefore, today I am writing a tutorial which will help you to verify your Facebook page for grey tick.

It is really important for you to own your official page. Just imagine, that you own a page for your business and someone creates the same page with same name and getting more conversions and impressions than you. So you should own your business pages.

Here you can find out that how to get it for your pages.

How to Verify your Facebook Page for Grey Tick

Here are the steps which you need to follow so that you may know to verify your Facebook page for Grey tick. Get towards the steps without wasting more time.

  • First of all, login to your Facebook account and head towards the your Page.
  • Then click on Settings on top of your page.
  • After that, you need to click on Page Verification from General settings.
  • Now click on Verify This Page and then click on Get Started.
  • Afterwards, you need to enter your country, business phone number, language and then click on Call Me Now.
  • Now Facebook will call you to give you a 4 Digit verification code, note that code and click on Continue.
  • Congratulations, you have verified your page.

This was our tutorial, I am sure you guys have found it helpful. If you have any queries then lend them in comment box. I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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How to Change Facebook Design to Flat UI On your PC

Are you bored of Facebook same old design? Do you want to alter its design and want to experience entirely new flat UI on your PC?

If you answer is Yes. Then today I am writing a tutorial to change Facebook design to Flat UI and that too on your PC and Laptop.

Change Facebook themeI always hear from many of my friends and readers that they want to experience an entire change on their Facebook so what should they do. So keeping their queries in mind I am sharing a guide with you guys which will help you to learn to change Facebook Design to Flat UI on your PC.

Change Facebook Theme – Old Design to Flat UI!

So here are the steps to follow in order to change Facebook theme – old design to Flat UI and that too on your PC.

Here are the steps;

First of all, you need to get Google Chrome browser if you are not using it.

Ones Chrome installed then get this Extension.

After installing this extension, browse Facebook and you will experience an entirely new change in Facebook and that will be Flat UI design.

This was as simply as you have read it.

This was our guide to change Facebook theme. I am sure you guys have found it helpful, if you have any queries or confusion left related to this article then lend them in comment box. I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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Stay tuned for more interesting tricks.

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